we live here (remount)

We Live Here is an inspiring circus show that celebrates the memories and moments that make a life.

Based on the stories of parents, siblings, and guests of Hummingbird House, Queensland’s only youth hospice, We Live Here explores themes of resilience, chaos, and the beauty of a moment shared.


Associate Producer (2022 remount)


Director/creator: Natano Fa’anana and Bridget Boyle

Dramaturg/creator: Robert Kronk

Premiere Production Manager/Lighting Designer: Felicity Organ-Moore

Set and Costume Designer: Josh McIntosh

Audio and Projection Designer: Mik La Vage

Remount Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright

From an original concept by Jo Thomas

Images: Geoff Lawrence at Creative Futures Photography


Presented at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia as part of Awesome Festival, September 2022



Wheelchair accessible


2019 Matilda Award for Best Circus/Physical Theatre

2019 Matilda Award for Best Director


“Sensitive, funny, yet hard-hitting.”

- Matilda Awards

“Awe-inspiring and captivating performance which gave me all the feels.”

- Talia Carbis for IMHO

We Live Here is more than a physical theatre performance and much more than just a show. It is inspiring but also grounding; a beautiful piece of thought-provoking art.”

- Jo Michelmore for IMHO